This Classified listing allows you the opportunity to buy my latest exhaust creation, my MX3 for the Honda VF1000F, VF1000R, & the VF1000F2,
with VHT high temperature black paint. Chrome canisters $100 extra.

My MX3 exhaust is the most sophisticated racing exhaust design in existence. It is hand built by the inventor of the real X-PIPEtm exhaust, me, Monty Campbell. It is so powerful that it is patented (U.S. Pat. No. 4,800,719). No UFO (Universal Four into One) is patented.This exhaust is the ultimate design for performance (it has three powerbands: 4,000 8,000 and 12,000 rpm). It boosts low end by 40% [4into1 UFOs lose 8% here] and boosts 8,000 rpm power by 8% [4into1 UFOs only gain 1% here]. No 4into1 UFO even comes close to this kind of power. It is a bottom end pipe. It is also a top end pipe.

Honda exhaust VF1000F VF1000R VF1000F2 4into1 header muffler silencer X-PIPE

 Email: drcampbell48@gmail.com