Don’t just rebuild your carbs – MAXI-BORE them!
MAXI-BORE carbs are more than just cleaned, rebuilt, or bored, they are MAXI-BOREDtm.
Outperform 29mm Smoothbores, at a fraction of the cost. How is this possible?
MAXI-BORE carbs look stock on the outside. So, no one will know the power you have on tap. Vastly improved throttle response.
There is no easier, cheaper, more reliable way to build huge, dependable HP gains with your engine. Compatible with ported heads, high lift cams, big bore kits & any exhaust. Multiply the power potential of your engine. If you have a modified motor, why settle for 26mm carbs? You won't believe the difference MAXI-BORE carb bore re-designing will make.
Make your stock motor run with the big bore kit guys. Many engine modifications can reduce the reliability and life of your engine. MAXI-BORE carbs can make your stock bike faster than modified bikes, without any of the reliability issues of engine modification. Instant power, OEM reliability, at bargain basement prices!
So, good, even a stock engine will roar with delight.

Suzuki GS750 GS850 GS1000 Carburetor Boring, 26mm bored to 30.5mm

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